Parsons Area Community Foundation Grant

We are so grateful to the Parsons Area Community Foundation (PACF) for giving us a $5,000 grant to help cover medical expenses of our dogs and cats at the shelter. This helps pay for spays/neuters, vaccinations, heartworm testing, and unforeseen medical problems. Thank you, Parsons Area Community Foundation, for this grant!

Thanks so much to Petfinder Foundation for awarding PALS a Cat Enrichment Grant! This will enable us to purchase 2 cat towers that are comfortable but sanitary. They are on order, and we know our feline residents will love them (as will our volunteers!). @petfinderfoundation

Aluminum Can Recycling Bins are located at the west side of King Cash Savers grocery and by the storage units at Allen Veterinary Center on N. 16th in Parsons, and at the 4-way stop in Oswego. All proceeds benefit PALS!

​We recently learned that Mr. Wildwood, pictured below, has passed away. What a legacy he left behind--building and paying for over 60 recycle bins and signs for animal shelters throughout Kansas. 


                              Thank you!!!!


​Sincere thanks to Petfinder Foundation for the $650 award and to the Tau Theta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa for their award of $1,000 to purchase new igloo-style dog houses. Some of ours were in serious need of replacement, and both of these organizations came through with the funds to do so. Since our dogs spend most days outside (depending on weather), we are sure they appreciate their new abodes. Thank you, Petfinder Foundation (@petfinderfoundation) and Tau Theta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa!