We are pleased to announce that we have been given a $250 Walmart Community Grant through Walmart Giving! This will be used to purchase dog food for our pups at the shelter. Thank you, Walmart! We appreciate your support of our shelter!

Christmas Parade

Many thanks to the organization PennyFix that offered us up to $2,000 for dogs and cats to get spayed or neutered and vaccinated for rabies in a 90-day period. We got 35 animals spayed or neutered and vaccinated in that time period, and received the entire $2,000. PennyFix has now awarded grants in 37 states and Puerto Rico, and has paid to have over 3,000 animals spayed or neutered. They are making a difference, and we thank them for helping PALS!



THANK YOU, PARSONS AREA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION for awarding PALS a grant in the amount of $7,000!!! This much-needed money will be used to help pay the medical expenses of our cats and dogs, including spays/neuters and vaccinations. And thank you, Virginia Wommack, for setting up our endowed fund at the Foundation!

Children's Library Summer Program


​​Sherwin-Williams Paint Store of Parsons did a donation drive for PALS, and brought us lots of goodies! Thanks to Angela Gamblian for delivering it all, to Sherwin-Williams for collecting it, and to all those who donated items. We sincerely appreciate it!!!




THANK YOU PARSONS WALMART for your $1,000 Community Grant award to help us purchase food for the dogs who are waiting at the shelter for their forever homes. We appreciate your trust in us!

MANY THANKS TO PARSONS AREA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION for the $5,000 grant to help with our spay/neuter vet expenses. Specifically, we thank the Virginia Wommack Endowed Fund, the Murland and Charlene Taylor Family Fund, the Bonnie Odon fund, and the Pearl Brennecke Fund. We greatly appreciate all those who donated to these funds. Thank you!!!

Thank you to Ned Wall for letting us work out of Wall Family Center. Thank you to Dallas Stevens for handling the purchase of supplies. Thanks to the great cooks: Tonya Toni Evans, Angela Gatton, Peggy Gatewood, Shanon Lansdowne, Stacy Peoples , Ingrid Schell, Linda Semrad, Joan Carter Tongier, and Judy Kay Hall Wilson. Thank you to the workers and drivers: Dean Cramer, Dawn Evans, Jimmy Evans, Ivy Gatton, Nico Merchant, Stacy Peoples, Ingrid Schell, Debbie Shaw, Debi Vranekovic, and Debbie Wolverton. Because of these people we got 352 lunches to 45 places in approximately an hour and a half. Just amazing! We also want to thank Dr. Jupe Allen and Oswego Locker for generously donating the beef for the taco and vegetable beef soups.

May is Community Action Month, and for their Day of Caring, these employees of SEK Community Action Program spent last Friday at PALS. They painted the indoor dog kennels and walls and loved on some doggies and kitties (one employee left with a new puppy!). We had waited 3 Years to get the kennels painted, so this meant a lot to us. Thank you so much!!!


​Sincere thanks to Petfinder Foundation for the $650 award and to the Tau Theta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa for their award of $1,000 to purchase new igloo-style dog houses. Some of ours were in serious need of replacement, and both of these organizations came through with the funds to do so. Since our dogs spend most days outside (depending on weather), we are sure they appreciate their new abodes. Thank you, Petfinder Foundation (@petfinderfoundation) and Tau Theta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa!

Thank you to Miranda Lambert's Mutt Nation for the $1,000 grant from their Love Harder campaign!!! This is a random drawing honoring shelters that adopt "less adoptable" dogs--pit bulls, disabled, large, and black dogs, and only 20 shelters receive the grant each year. Last year we were honored to be selected to represent the state of Kansas and receive the $5,000 grant from MuttNation. We love Miranda Lambert and all she does for shelter dogs!

The Petfinder Foundation awarded PALS a Cat Enrichment Grant to purchase 2 cat towers!  @petfinderfoundation

GRANDVIEW CABINETRY has done it again--donated new supply cabinets! Thank you, Grandview!!!.

LCC Cardinal and Gizmo

Aluminum can recycling bins built and erected by J.R. Wildwood of Wichita--Oswego and King Cash Savers and Allen Veterinary in Parsons. He also made the sign for in front of the shelter. Mr. Wildwood died in 2021 after building these bins for animal shelters in more than 60 cities in Kansas.





A local donor has made funds available for low income area residents to get their cats and dogs spayed/neutered for just $10 at our 2 participating veterinary clinics--Allen Vet in Parsons and Regional Vet in Oswego. The hope is that this will help diminish the number of unwanted kittens and puppies that we get so many calls about. Applications can be picked up at PALS or Donna's Pantry (1st Sunday of the month), or we can email you one. Upon approval of the application and payment of $10, a voucher will be presented and the owner will then make an appointment at one of the two vet clinics. Wehave set up a separate bank account for this program and would greatly appreciate any donations to it. Donations can be made through PayPal by sending money to proudanimalloversshelter@gmail.com. The hope isthat the program can continue for many years and make a difference in our communities. 



Thanks to #Petfinder.com, we are able to adopt many of our dogs with no fee from now until October 24! These are all great dogs who have just been overlooked for too long and deserve loving homes. Check them out on www.petfinder.com--Baloo, Buddy, Brie, Cline, Joy, Kinzie, Lily, Magnum, Memphis, Milo, Misty, Roxanne.  (Already adopted--Bandit, Chase, Lelia, Linus, Tuff, Wolf, Zip)